Apr 24 , 2018

“Thought Report” on High-Tech in Agriculture

Overview of Emerging Agricultural Software/Hardware Technologies

Palo Alto, CA – April 24, 2018 – Menalto Advisors is pleased to announce its newest “Thought Report” on the topic of “An Overview of High-Tech in Agriculture.”

Agriculture is a multi-trillion dollar market and is arguably the most important industry in the world. With continued growth in global population and food demand, the agricultural industry is turning to advanced technologies to improve efficiencies and increase output. This includes a variety of high-tech software/hardware solutions such as advanced imaging, software analytics, sensors, robotics, autonomous farm vehicles, farm management software, online marketplaces, and indoor farming systems. As a result, agriculture represents a rapidly expanding opportunity for the high-tech industry.

In addition, there has been growing interest among major agricultural companies in investing in and/or acquiring high-tech companies, and several traditional technology companies have made strategic investments in agricultural technology (AgTech) start-ups. Therefore, we thought it was a good time we wrote a report on emerging agricultural technologies. The 120+ page report includes:

  • An overview of agricultural technologies, with a focus on software, analytics, imaging, sensors, robotics, and other “high-tech” solutions
  • Summaries of recent M&A transactions and investments
  • Brief profiles of more than 100 private AgTech companies

To request a copy of the report, please contact one of the senior bankers at Menalto Advisors or send an email request to info@menaltoadvisors.com.

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