Jan 24 , 2019

“Thought Report” on Real Estate Technology

Overview of Real Estate Technology including trends, emerging platforms, investments, and M&A

Palo Alto, CA – January 24, 2019 – Menalto Advisors is pleased to announce its new “Thought Report” on the topic of “An Overview of Real Estate Technology.”

Real estate is an enormous market with global real estate valued at well over $200 trillion and trillions of dollars of transactions every year. Despite the enormous size of the market, until recently it had been very slow to adopt new technologies. This has dramatically changed during the past few years and technology is now disrupting almost every aspect of the real estate industry including buying/selling, property management, investing, securing loans/mortgages, and closing transactions.

Furthermore, the amount of venture investment into the real estate technology sector has sharply increased and there are now hundreds of innovative private companies addressing many different aspects of the market. There has also been a sizable number of M&A transactions in the sector during the past several years.

Therefore, we thought it was a good time we wrote a report on Real Estate Technology. The 200+ page report includes:

  • A summary of the real estate technology sector including trends, emerging platforms, VC and strategic investments, and M&A
  • Highlights of key sub-segments including online portals, hybrid brokers, iBuyers, property management software, online lenders, investing software, real estate data providers, visualization solutions, and more
  • Lists of relevant real estate technology M&A transactions
  • Brief profiles of more than 100 private real estate technology companies

To request a copy of the report, please contact one of the senior bankers at Menalto Advisors or send an email request to info@menaltoadvisors.com.

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