Our publications leverage our team's industry knowledge, diverse backgrounds, and transactional expertise to provide novel and thoughtful insights applicable to companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and others interested in technology and related fields.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
This 130+ page report was issued in November 2016.

The first chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning landscape, including some basic terminology, a history of AI, AI applications, recent trends, strategic and VC investments, concerns, and other related topics.

The second chapter contains a detailed primer on AI and machine learning technologies.

The third chapter provides summaries of more than 70 AI-related M&A transactions.

The fourth chapter highlights more than 70 private AI companies across a variety of sectors.

The “High-Profile” Tech Acquirers (an Overview of M&A by Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, and Amazon)
This 120+ page report was issued in January 2017.

This report covers M&A activity by the “high-profile” technology acquirers.

It includes summaries of more than 325 acquisitions (since 2013) made by Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, and Amazon.

The report discusses some of the M&A highlights and technologies themes across these companies.

Periodic M&A Updates

Menalto Advisors distributes to its clients and friends a periodic summary of noteworthy news and transactions impacting technology.

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